Monday, January 15, 2018

FAQ Working with the Elemental Guides

Premise: As a Shamanic Practitioner, I will from time to time, call on the Elements to help me with Healing, or with moving or influencing energy. How I use / call on Elementals is / can be different than how any other practitioner / Witch / Shaman / etc uses them. 


Our Earth is comprised of all elements - Earth, Water, Fire, and Air / Wind. Everything on Earth is derived from elements as well - the Human body is 70% water, after all.

When working with the Elements (Elementals), you must always remember that Elements have the power to shift - water turns to ice, fire to ash, etc.

.::Here is are a few questions usually asked regarding how to work with Elementals::.

1. Where do I find an Elemental?
They are everywhere. A flame on your candle, water in your sink, ice in your freezer, dirt in your flower box, air that you breathe.

2. How do I begin working with an Elemental?
-Believe in them and their existence
-Open your heart and show love to all living creatures
-Care for animals, plants, and flowers and surround yourself in their energy everyday
-Care for the environment
-Be a good person and show love and gratitude (elementals mirror our behavior)
-Communicate with them - ask how you can help them and watch for their signs
-Ask them to help you in your life

3. What can I ask the Elemental to do or help me with?
You can ask Elementals to help you in anyway - starting a project, opening communication, releasing stagnant energy, purifying objects, etc. All Elementals can be helpful, but each has their area of specialty. 

Earth - Grounding / centering, building stability, prosperity, material possessions, abundance, build solid foundations in business, relationships, the home. Use also for creating peace, growing plants, money magic, growing family,  & fertility.

Water - healing, purification, psychic awareness and protection. Water is the realm of peace, tranquility, but can also be used to create FAST change when needed. Helps with increasing emotions, dispelling dear, and blocking psychic attacks.

Fire - energy, success, courage, transformation, leadership, strength, passion, love, sex, romance, banishing, creating new beginnings, destroy the old to make way for new, & obtain your desires.

Air -clear thinking, new ideas, new beginnings, clear communication, change, and solutions to problems, new thoughts, reason, intellect, knowledge, freedom, memory, and awareness.

**You can also ask each Element(al) how they can help you in your life!

If you are are learning about Shamanism, you can journey with the Elements and they can show you ways they may be able to help as well as asking them during your journey for things like healing, purification, and assistance.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

On Perfume

Making a perfume is much more than throwing together some scents and hoping they mix well, and smell good. Think about the last time you wore perfume or cologne. What was the occasion? Why did you pick that scent? Are there some scents that you cherish and only use for special times? Do you have a signature scent?

There is a reason why we cherish scent the way we do. Our nose or olfactory membrane is the only spot in the human body where our central nervous system comes into direct contact with our environment. This means that we first perceive things through our nose. We smell the cookies baking before we see them or taste them.

Our sense of smell is first processed through the limbic lobe - the oldest part of our brain and the place where all of our emotional impulses are. This is why certain scents and odors can make us feel nostalgic - happy, sad, make us long for people, places, things. When we come into contact with a smell we have already reacted to and our minds are making a mental note of when, where, why, so that twenty years from now, when you are walking down the street and catch a whiff of a past lover's cologne, your memory is triggered to that night you had your first kiss. Or when you enter a bakery, and the smell takes you back to your grandmother's kitchen. Spice does that for me, it makes me remember my dad cooking in our family home.

Whether it's flowers in bloom, bread baking, smoke, or a wet dog, we can tell what each scent comes from without needing to see it's source of origin. Throughout our lives, our nose and sense of smell is recording everything - everything, from the mundane - burnt toast, to the intimate - your lover's cologne. There is no greater power we have that can recall memories, impressions, - all with deep emotional roots and ties within our soul. How exquisite is that?

The perfume or cologne we choose has it's place too - it's the constant smell that will frame your (and those of who you come into contact with) experiences while you are wearing it. Make sure you love it. 💖