Friday, March 9, 2018

Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories FAQs

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Is boric acid safe to use vaginally?

Yes, it is safe to use pharmaceutical grade boric acid tablets as suppositories.

Why is boric acid safe when inserted vaginally but toxic when ingested?

In the stomach, boric acid is absorbed to a greater extent and distributed throughout the body. This process is not the same in the vagina, where the absorption is to a lesser degree and the compound is contained.

Can I have sex while using boric acid?

NO. It would act as an irritant and could potentially cause a rash for both partners. 

Can I use boric acid while pregnant?

How do you prepare the capsules?

These are made by hand, by us in our apothecary. Everything is sanitized - jars, workspaces, containers, etc- we wear gloves, and everything is stored separately from all of the other herbal items we make. These are made by mixing the boric acid with the tea tree at a therapeutic ratio, then the mixture is encapsulated, and then bottled and labeled.

What is the difference between boric acid with tea tree versus regular?

The regular boric acid powder is very effective without the tea tree essential oil. Some people opt for the tea tree option because it also has antiviral, antiseptic, and astringent properties that can also help with bacterial issues such as UTIs. This may also offer a broader scope of relief. pH imbalance in the vagina can lead to several different problems, not just yeast infections.

What is the usual length of treatment?

Treatment can be up to two weeks, but use precaution after more than a week. Skin irritation could result, and your body may respond better to a different treatment. However, many women report relief from symptoms as quickly as 48 hours.

What is BV (bacterial vaginosis)?

BV is a bacterial infection in the vagina, caused by an imbalance in healthy bacteria. This problem is a common occurrence after a course of antibiotics, since antibiotics wipe out both good and bad bacteria.

I'm experiencing watery discharge the day after using boric acid. Is that normal? 

Yes, that is a common side-effect. The boric acid does not really absorb into the vagina.

Is bleeding normal during treatment? 

No. If you notice any bleeding from the vagina that is not period-related, stop treatment immediately.

Can I use boric acid while I'm on my period?

No. Wait until you stop menstruating to use boric acid.